Awareness of cbd is growing out on tour because it provides a range of benefits on and off the course. I love the products, I use the capsules in the evening and oil in the morning, I feel great.

Matt BaldwinEuropean Tour / Challenge Tour

Out on tour, we are sleeping in different beds with irregular sleep patterns every week. Using the slow-release capsules I sleep soundly and wake up feeling refreshed. I suffer less fatigue and I’m producing better scores. Good preparation is vital and CBD is now an essential part of my routine

Jigger ThompsonEuropean Tour / Challenge Tour

I included Golfers CBD into my routine in early 2020. I use the oil at night to help my recovery and the gummies to keep me relaxed and focused on the course. CBD is a great supplement for golfers and the taste and flavours make these products enjoyable to use

Whitney HillierLadies European Tour

I started to use Golfers CBD oil and capsules recently while out on tour. My recovery has already improved, I rest better and overall I need less sleep.

Aron ZemmerEuropean Tour / Challenge Tour

Golfer’s CBD helps me relax on the course. I have less anxiety over my chips and putts, if I combat this my scoring is great. I also sleep a lot better with increased REM helping my recovery.

Dan GauntClutch & Challenge Tour

Golfers CBD helps me keep a relaxed attitude on the golf course. The CBD oil helps me stay calm throughout the round so I achieve the best score I can that day.

Catriona MatthewLadies European Tour

I take the oil and the E-liquid to perform better on the course. With the capsules I get a deep sleep and feel recharged for the day.

Jacques BlaauwChallenge Tour

I am now convinced that Golfers CBD is making such a difference to my performance and well-being, apart from Sunningdale I haven’t been outside the top 10 this year. I am definitely much less frustrated or anxious on the course which is so good for me.

Andy OldcornLegends Tour

I’ve felt focused for longer periods using the spray and my whoop watch has shown improved recovery. Over the course of such a long gruelling season, these benefits are a massive advantage.

Bradley NeilChallenge Tour

Your product is fantastic. I haven’t played many events this year but when I have I’ve rarely been outside the top 10. I look forward to working closely with Golfers CBD in 2022

Jacques KruyswiczEuropean Tour

I only just got back from Saudi last week and started using the oil for my recovery straight away. I can’t believe how good it is. I’m also taking the capsules which mean I wake up feeling better than I ever have. Honestly I’m taken back how it makes such a difference.

Gabs CowleyLadies European Tour

I’ve been using Golfers CBD gummies and jelly domes for over a year, I’m feeling fitter and sharper on the golf course which I put down to the improvement in my rest and recovery time. It’s not always easy to sleep well on tour but these products have been a game changer and have become part of my routine.

George BloorChallenge Tour


Whitney Hillier uses our gummies and oil combination. Fruit flavoured 10mg gummies on and off the course and 10% oil for relaxation and focus in tournament play.


Andy Oldcorn uses our body salve and 10% oil. The hand-blended salve to treat aches or pain and help recovery while the oil helps maintain a positive mood whatever happens on the course.


Jigger Thompson uses our slow release capsules for perfect sleep while out on tour, oil for sharp focus on the course and gummies as a top up after play to avoid fatigue.


Catriona Matthew uses our slow-release capsules, oil and gummies. The capsules help with sleep and recovery whilst the oil creates the perfect state of relaxed focus on the course.


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