Golfer’s CBD are leading the way in golf-specific CBD product development.

We work with a team of professional players to formulate new CBD products, to test the effect of other cannabinoids and capture data on athletic performance, recovery time and sleep patterns measured with devices such as Whoop and Fitbit.

In September 2020 we appointed former European Tour player Daniel Gaunt to our team as product development advisor.

We collate the data and feedback from amateur and professional players and then work closely with our dedicated chemist at LH Botanicals to develop efficacy of the products and the range of benefits they provide.

LH Botanicals has a team of experienced scientists and invests in advanced in-house technology to test for the widest range of cannabinoids in the UK.

Working in partnership with LH Botanicals Golfer’s CBD is dedicated to improving and supporting both professional and amateur golfers’ performance by incorporating CBD into their routines.

We have been working hard on the golf course and in the laboratory and look forward to announcing some great additions to our range in 2021.

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