1. Extract

We use the extract from a strain of plant called ACDC grown in Colorado, which is well known for efficacy in controlling anxiety.

Lots of issues golfers suffer with are anxiety-based, like first tee nerves or closing out rounds.

By reducing anxiety and increasing focus Golfers CBD helps players to perform at their best.

2. Products

Being golfers, we know the issues our fellow club golfers face and we also work closely with a number of tour pros. We created a range of products for the golfer covering Preparation, Performance and Recovery. We have slow-release capsules to aid good sleep, oils spray and sweets for easy application on the course and salves to help with injury and recovery.

3. Concentrations

Any dose of CBD will help with overall wellness, but to have a beneficial effect on your golf game, the correct dosage is important. We have some of the strongest concentrations available up to a 30% oil. With some experimentation we have been able to find doses to aid and improve a wide spectrum of golfing issues.

4. Club Golfers

Golfers CBD is run by club players. We don’t have expensive endorsements to pay or the large overheads of other CBD companies. This enables us so to provide the best CBD on the market at affordable prices.

Our purpose is not to sell the most CBD products, we are here to help club players improve and tour pros to win more often.

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